One Design Rig - BIC Techno Class

27 January 2008

The international BIC Techno 293OD Class have selected BIC as the supplier of the new one design rig for International Competition commencing from the 2008 Worlds onwards. This will create a level playing field internationally and a simpler entry into the class allowing the Techno fleet to grow further and continue to establish itself as a World Wide Junior Class.

In the UK at the inception of the class the Tushingham TK rig was adopted as a one design rig and has performed at the very top of the class, winning both the Under 17 and Under 15 World Titles in 2007 with British Sailors. This UK one design decision also allowed the Techno class to become more popular and better established in the UK than any other Youth Windsurfing class in recent history, as well as encouraging the international class to take the one design step. On behalf of all the Techno sailors we would like to thank Tushingham for their support, professionalism and passion for the development and success of Junior sailing.
With BIC becoming the international one design sail, the UK will make a gradual change with class rules initially permitting either the Tushingham TK rigs or the BIC rigs to be used at RYA training and selection events for the coming two years. From January 2010 only the BIC rigs will be legal for national activity for UKWA/RYA purposes - this will be reflected within the class rules in due course.

The distribution of the new rig will begin very soon with the RYA initially receiving nine 7.8sqm rigs and nine 6.8sqm rigs which comprises the first batch of sails to be imported. These will be allocated to the current RYA National Junior Squad sailors in the first instance. If there are surplus rigs a notice will be posted on www. and these will be offered to sailors who attended the 2007 Techno World Championships in results order until no further sails remain.

The second batch of sails will be distributed as per normal through the BIC network of dealers and will be available for purchase as soon as is practically possible.

It is the international committee's intention that charter sails will be available at the World Championships so you need not purchase a BIC rig in order to compete. The European Championships taking place in March will be sailed under the current rules and any rig from the approved Rig list will be acceptable. You will therefore be able to use a Tushingham rig at the 2008 European Championships should you choose to do so.

RYA World Championships Team Selection:
With regards to the selection policy for the forthcoming 2008 worlds the first Indicator Event will be at Whitwell, 17th & 18th May 2008 and is intended to be a Tushingham TK rig only event. At the second Indicator event at Bridlington 28th & 29th June, competitors will be welcome to use either the Tushingham TK or the BIC rig. For full details please see the RYA selection policy on the Junior Racing Section of the RYA website.
If you require a BIC rig (this applies to all sailors, National squad included) you MUST email ASAP and state the following:
Rig Size
Quantity of Rigs
Please title your email - BIC rig order
If you have any further questions please email
This will information will be used to order the next batch of BIC sails so if you would like a sail you MUST let us know ASAP