Slalom in 2009

24 November 2008

JP/Pryde are proud to announce their continued support for the UKWA and are back on board with Slalom for 2009, and the following events have been arranged and agreed:

The Funsport event will run alongside the UKWA wave event at Rhosneiger, one of the very few venues in the world where you can run a wave event alongside the flat waters required to run a slalom event.  Windfest will retain its prestige as the UK's premium and original wind sport festival and Bright air will follow on from the success of Wight air but bring its format to the party shores of Brighton.

Further to these 5 established UK slalom series event we are currently working and finalizing two extra events that although not officially part of the British slalom series will make up two extra challenge titles.

Irish Sea challenge: The first of these is the Irish Sea challenge where The Irish windsurfing association is currently finalizing a mirror event to match that at Rhosneiger, where a 2 event mini-series will see UKWA sailors competing at an IWA event at Malahide Estuary near to the ferry port at Dublin (April 4th-5th), and in return we will see IWA sailors competing at the UKWA event at Rhosneiger. Results will be extrapolated from these two event to give a mini-series set of titles. By keeping the venues close to the ferry ports we can reduce the travelling and associated costs to all involved and ensure that the exciting series is accessible to as many people as possible.

Channel challenge: Further to the Ireland challenge we are also working with colleagues in France to arrange a similar mini-series where French sailors will compete at Brighton and UKWA sailors will have the opportunity to race at a venue close to Calais such as Wimmeraux. These two series offer sailors the chance of competing abroad, having a mini holiday and enjoying subsidized travel costs.

Two events remain from last year's format of shop organized support; they are Boardwise at Aberdovey and Wet n Dry at the new venue of Southend. The Aberdovey proved so successful that the town trader's association are now willing to provide a generous cash prize fund. The yacht Club is also looking to assist again with the full use of their facilities and hospitality.

Wet n dry are now ready to move forward and build on the event in 2008 and as such are looking to host and build a very exciting event for 2009 in their more local situ of Southend, a venue which has attracted a lot of press and interest in the windsurfing world these past few years.

Chris lewis of PGUK commented:

"We have tried to bring a series to the UKWA where every single location and event has its own indivdual flavour and attraction, on top of this we have looked to build on the all important social and road trip elements by bringing in two oversea's events In ireland and France at venues close to ferry ports to reduce travel costs and time. Further to events themselves we are also looking to make the series more appealing to all levels of ability and will be looking to introduce a laid black "splash and dash series" with 8 out and back races running every hour on the hour (regardless of conditions) where, you count your 4 best (or only!) results in these races to get an overall event score, this "splash and dash series" will be available at a subsidised entry rate and aimed at those looking at first time racing, or just a more social aspect to their weekend windsurfing. Overall I am very excited and looking forward to a very succseful 2009 JP/PRYDE Slalom series."

So for 2009 we are looking at:

It is clear from feedback and the 2008 events that a lot of interest was generated and we should see much higher attendances for 2009 with a lot of new faces looking to join in with a discipline that is fast becoming popular both on an international level and a national and local level.