Up with the Ray, down with the Trench..

12 January 2008

Up with the Ray, down with the Trench: the 50 Knot season is here!!
Move over ‘La Trench' - the English have arrived with their very own ‘speed canal' - the Ray at Southend on Sea. Yes, this natural lagoon in sunny Essex is to become the focus for Bjorn Dunkerbeck, Dave White and 28 other invited sailors to try and break the 50knot speed barrier this winter.

It will start on the 14th of January 2008 which historically is the windiest time of the year with an open event for one week. It will then go straight into a four month standby to give the best chance to achieve the ultimate goal - 50 knots!"

Dave White gave an interview to Boardseeker Mag.

For more info visit Dave White's website: www.k-63.com.