Anders Bringdal returns to Speed Week

8 October 2009

Anders Bringdal from Sweden returns to Weymouth Speed Week to defend his title

In 2008 Anders Bringdal broke all previous records at WSW by setting a new harbour speed over 500meters of 38.22 knots. He is back again in 2009 and believes with his new Mistral boards can top 40 knots.

Anders will not be alone this year in this challenge, as he will be joined by fellow speed sailor's from around the world at this legendary event, including entries from Spain, Germany, France, Belgium, South Africa to name but a few.

WSW is unique in the world of speed sailing not just because it is the oldest running speed event on the planet starting back in 1973, but it is open to any wind powered craft no matter how wacky. So If you think your bath tub with a sail on it can go fast, get down to Portland harbour and have a go.

As well as the usual categories and prizes for WSW like, Speed Week Rookie, Ladies, Amateurs and Juniors etc there is a new Gold Fleet Category for previous winners and sponsored riders. The other changes for this year are a Saturday start 10th to the 16th of October, to help with accommodation for competitors and the latest timing equipment from

WSW team are excited about the 2009 event and are planning a bigger and better event for this year. There will be a full range of demo gear from the cream of the board and sail manufactures and home grown Speedsailing stars like Dave White and Zara Davis on hand for help and advice. It will also be a counting round of the ISWC world tour with precious points to be had as well as the UKWA Speedsailing Championships where the UK King and Queen of speed will be crowned.

So with great prizes such as Club Vass Holidays, Boards, sails, clothing and accessories to be won for the 1st timer to a seasoned veteran and everyone in between there is something for everybody.

Come and join in the fun meet the stars and find out how fast you can go!

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