F2 Speed Ladder Results

11 February 2009

The Annual British GPS ladder 2008 Sponsored by F2 and Maui Sails was a great success with some fantastic personal best speeds being posted.

The 2008 Top Ten Men:

Pos Name Date Speed Location
1 Dave White 31/01/2008 43.96 knots Southend-on-Sea
2 Steve Thorp 11/11/2008 43.87 knots West Kirby
3 Simon Hinkley 01/10/2008 43.65 knots West Kirby
4 Pete Young 11/11/2008 42.79 knots Portland Harbour
5 Stuart Trunkfield 11/11/2008 42.31 knots West Kirby
6 Adam Gustafsson 02/10/2008 42.3 knots West Kirby
7 Neil Hardwick 01/10/2008 41.99 knots West Kirby
8 Bob Cunningham 15/01/2008 41.34 knots Southend-on-Sea
9 Howard Rowson 11/11/2008 41.29 knots West Kirby
10 Pete Davis 11/11/2008 41.17 knots West Kirby

Fastest Women

Pos Name Date Speed Location
1 Zara Davis 04/10/2008 31.7 knots Weymouth

Fastest Junior

Pos Name Date Speed Location
1 Joash Knight 01/04/2008 27.96 knots West Kirby

Dave White speeding.But it's not all about the top ten its more about setting your own personal best or more importantly beating your mates at your local speed spot. With the added bonus that every post went into a draw for some great prizes from F2 and Maui Sails.

The 2008 prize winners were drawn by Gordon Way of Ultra Sport Europe.

The 2009 Ladder has started already so get posting.