GPS Speed Meet 11th January 2009

13 January 2009

St.Johns Lake, Cornwall

Bryn DampneyThe first USM of the year organised by SImon Hinkley was called on a promising forecast at St.Johns Lake in Cornwall.

A good turn out of speed sailors and locals were greeted by a little less wind than forecast, around 20kts with a bit more in the gusts, but with a spring low tide the water next to the bank was mirror flat and everyone took to the water on a mix of slalom and speed boards with sails ranging from 5.0 to 7.0m.

Bob Cunningham and a few others decided to make the trek down to the much longer south run and were rewarded with a bit more wind and the best speeds of the day with Bob hitting a peak of 38.97kts and an average of 37.31kts over 5 runs seeing him lead the way. Adam Gustafsson hit a peak of 37.51kts not far behind.

Also going well were Paul Simmons from Tushingham and Marie.

Local sailors Bryn Dampney and Nic Dodd both boosted their 2 second max personal bests to 34.1kts and 32.81kts respectively.

A good day had by all and definitely a lot more to come from this spot.

Thanks to David Bassett for sitting in the cold and taking pics!

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