Izzy Hamilton World Champion - RS:X Youth

4 August 2009

Izzy Hamilton being interviewed.Palmalife RS:X Youth World Championship

From RS:X Class:

in the Youth Women's fleet, everyone was trying to find an answer to the dominant performances of Sybille and Leonore Bosch (FRA11 & 10 respectively) They were both super consistent in the light to medium air but were found wanting when it blew.

Izzy Hamilton was the one to spring to life this time. She does not go well in anything under 10 knots and there were just 3 such races. But when the wind speeds climb into double figures she is hard to beat. She took gold in the medal race and was so far in front one could be foregiven for thinking that the race was over before it began.

She took 13 minutes to sail the course. Behind her the slalom section took on the appearance of a demolition derby as one after another the women blew their jibes under the pressure. It was Leonore Bosch (FRA10) who sailed majestically through the fleet to claim the silver medal performing each jibe with grace and ease. Helene Noesmoen (FRA 57) who was unconsolable. She had blown a podium position by falling within sight of the finish.

(Izzy is interviewed after a minute.)