Report-Longboarding at Exmouth

11 August 2009


Wednesday 5th August was the sixth of eight race nights that have been planned by Waterfront Sports Exmouth. Since the beginning of the year the race night has been gaining momentum and now regularly has over 15 competitors. Our last race night was a huge success that saw Dave Hackford from Tushingham start the event with a very detailed talk about tactics and tuning, This was then followed by a number of practice starts to get the races in tune with how to start a race. We then had 3 races around a pre planned course and finally ended up in the Beach Pub for a well deserved de brief.

The racing was very close considering the diverse range of kit and ability. The 14 sailors on the water were of all standards and that included an Olympic squad member from Holland ( who happened to be holidaying in Exmouth). I would like to thank Dave for his help and all our racers for turning up and supporting our long board resurgence. It is fantastic to see young children from the local comprehensive getting involved and well done to Shane for making it around the course. We some how need to let more people know about the Long Board come back and get the children involved from an earlier age.

 We have two more race nights and a marathon cruise planned please visit our website for more details. or register on Exmouth windsurfing blog

Results Race 1                                      Race 2        

            1st  Mark Taylor                          1st Pete Manfield

            2nd Dave Hackford                       2nd Mark Taylor

            3rd Alex Burges                          3rd Dave Hackford          

            4th Pete Manfield                        4th Alex Burges

Exmouth provides a super safe environment for all levels of racers. The club scene is growing and the fun is as much off the water as on the water.