Brandon Bay-Day 1

18 May 2010

BWA Brandon Bay: Day 1After a leisurely start to the day, Head Judge Duncan Coombes called a Skippers meeting at that most famous of Irish beaches; Gowlane.

By late afternoon the wind was just enough for sailors to ‘wobble out' and catch sets of smooth, shoulder high waves - a perfect warm up to the week. The wind was fickle though and heats were started and postponed, re-started and cancelled again as the Amatuer fleet struggled to get onto the glassy waves. By half seven in the evening the sailors were starting to lose patience and wanted to be in Spillanes Bar ordering steak and chips. Finally, just after eight in the evening, the day's official proceedings were called off.

But not before Duncan Coombes announced the Sailors Briefing for Tuesday - half six in the morning!! Early night for all fleets.

BWA Team