Hove-Slalom Report

12 July 2010

Hove Slalom Report By K66 Nik Baker

Hove BSA July 2010

 Photo Mat Pearch

Last weekend Hove Lagoon hosted the 4th BSA Slalom event where we were blessed with 12-18 knots of wind and beautiful sunshine.

Of the three categories (Pro, amateurs and master blasters) the master blasters completed 10 races, the amateurs 14 and the Pro's completed 15 rounds, with all very close racing at the top in all classes.

The first day's racing for the Pro fleet consisted of 6 rounds; reigning BSA champion Mat Pearch was joint first with Simon Cofield, where both had gained some 1st and 2nd places with a few mistakes along the way.

Sunday morning, the tension was high and the scene was set for a great days racing for the over all event win. Again, both Mat and Simon gained some 1st' and 2nd'places with a few mistakes helped along by some weed issues in the afternoon.

Weed issues aside, with some good speed and a string of 2nd places on the Sunday, James Dinsmore took 3rd place, with Simon Cofield coming in 2nd and Mat Pearch, for the 3rd time this year taking first place.

The amateurs did really well to sail and complete 14 races, as the conditions were fairly tricky and the water choppy, but we had some nice swell and a pretty big 3-buoy downwind slalom course.

Steve Jones and Michael George had a close and continuous battle throughout until eventual winner Steve Jones came out on top by one point, which puts him in a good leading position to win the combined Hove and Worthing (end of August) event prize, a year's subscription to Hove Lagoon.

The master blasters! These guys took control by starting the event off with the first race after the sea breeze kicked in at lunchtime.

After the usual ‘Le Mans' style beach start, the guys headed out around the 1st buoy and back to the beach with a short run back to the flag. This race is aimed at the first time racer or intermediate who is unsure what level to compete at. After deciding on how confident they are, they can either carry on with this more easy and relaxed style of racing or move on up to the amateurs' level, which races on the normal course, which is a little more out to sea with a few extra marks. The races took place on the hour, every hour for 5 hours each day. The eventual winner was young Jack Trollope, who managed to fend off stiff competition, both local and national to win all races. This now puts him in the lead to win the combined 1st prize for the years subscription to Hove Lagoon.

This years pro youth event was again, won by Sam Latham and the Amateur youth, by Christian Body, who also came in 3rd in the overall amateur class. Both these young lads are progressing incredibly well and increased their consistency and race craft over the weekends racing. With four out of the five events so far completed, they have gained plenty of race experience and we look forward to seeing them out on the water for another round/ round 6. So well done to both Sam and Christian,

This weekend, Hunstanton sets the scene for the 6th out of the 8 round series for the QSW Thoman/Saverne run event. Our event is run during an awesome local beach festival with many other sports attending.

If the racing at Hove is anything to go by, the BSA at Hunstanton looks to be an awesome couple of days, with plenty of other things to keep you entertained. This is a weekend you really don't want to miss out on.

We look forward to seeing you all there.


Nik Baker