Raceboard Kit from Tushingham / Starboard

23 March 2010

20th March 2010

Test Drive the Championship winning Raceboard kit from Tushingham and Starboard.

Starboard and Tushingham Sails are helping the UKWA by offering the association two complete Raceboard sets to racers wishing to compete on their circuit. Dave Hackford, marketing director of Tushingham explains why.

" It was a great year for Raceboard racing last year - the fleet nearly doubled in size and amount of new faces on the circuit was encouraging. I attended eight events in 2009 and at each someone asked if they could test a board or even borrow one for the following regatta. So we have put together two complete 2010 packages. That's the Phantom 380, The XR race 9.5m and mast and boom to suit'

The UKWA will handle the distribution of this equipment, but the process by which the kit is allocated is simple. It will be ‘First come First served'

So if you fancy trying out the kit that won the 2009 National Championship - for free, then please log onto the UKWA website and tell them which event you would like to race. The kit will be travelling around the UK, so a test drive at any of the UKWA events should be possible.

Contact: racing-09@ukwindsurfing.com