RSX Pricing Update

20 October 2010

Dear RSX sailors.

With effect from the 1st November 2010 the ISAF prices for RSX kit is increasing by around 8% and with the VAT rate increasing by 2.5% from the 1st January there will be over a 10% increases in prices - however if you need any RSX kit, and you can place your order before the end of this month for delivery this year, then you can buy that RSX kit at the existing prices. Below is the table with the existing prices and the probable prices from 1st January 2011 (depending on any changes in the exchange rate).

Neil Pryde are always looking to minimize price increases and, despite rapidly rising costs in the Far East as well as the adverse movement in the exchange rates, prices have not changed (ex factory) for the past 2 years, which unfortunately could no longer be sustained, however we do not expect any further price changes for the next 2 years.

We wish you all the best with your sailing in the year ahead.

RS:X Kit prices 2009/2011
Code Products 2009 RRP 2011 RRP
DNPRSXB RS:X Board £2,099.99 £2,373.00
DRSPDB Dagger Board £124.99 £140.00
DNPRSXF60 RS:X Fin - 60cm £119.99 £130.00
DNPRSXF66 RS:X Fin - 66cm £144.99 £160.00
BNPRSX085 RS:X Sail - 8.5m £669.99 £752.00
BNPRSX095 RS:X Sail - 9.5m £669.99 £820.00
RMRSX490 Mast - 490cm £359.99 £398.00
RMRSX520 Mast - 520cm £389.99 £437.00
RBRSX225 Booms - 225 - 275cm £634.99 £715.00
RERSX48 Extension (UXT) £29.99 £34.00
RPBRSX Power U-Base (UXT) £39.99 £43.00
Womens Package £3,999.99 £4,441.00
Mens Package £4,099.99 £4,580.00