Stolen Van-Kit

24 May 2010

Have you seen this van or have you been offered any of the Kit listed below


Hi All

I am sending this mail to all I know in an attempt to relocate my Ford Transit Sport ( inc kit) which was stolen from my drive on Tuesday lunchtime.
It also had my mobile in it so I have kind of lost everything..........the bastards.
The van is a Ford Transit Sport AO09 YNT, Its very distinctive with stripes, onboard coolbox and bespoke leather upholstery (green,white, black)
If you get offered, or anyone else gets offered, the following can you let me know:
Thommen Cross X 87, 97 - Bamboo type V4.0
Thommen Maui Wave X83 - Bamboo type V4.0
Thommen RS84 - Bamboo type V4.0
Severne sails 2009/10
Blade 4.2, 4.7, 5.3, 5.7
NCX 6.5, 7.5, 9.0
3 x North iFront booms
Redline RDM masts: 400, 430x2, 
Windgear RDM masts: 400, 430 (new)
Arrows Race 490/100
Tushy Freewave 460/75
Turfdog Freemove
RRD Passion 11mtr kite (new)
RRD Placebo kite board (new)
Fin bag (containing 10 new fins various)

Quayside Windsurfers