Raceboard adopts 7.8 fleet

4 July 2011

As of 4th July 2011 the former raceboard UK. 7.5 class will be renamed Raceboard UK. 7.8

The purpose of this new development is:

Please note: all 7.5 sails will still be class legal. It is not considered that the 7.5 rig sailors will be disadvantaged by the inclusion of 7.8 sails. there will be no need for 7.5 sailors to upgrade to 7.8. This policy is considered to be inclusive and to help sailors make the transition to raceboard without the additional expense of purchasing new rigs.


Watch out for receboard training dates which will be announced soon

To borrow a demo raceboard

Starboard Phantom Demo Kit

Do you want to try Raceboard, but don't have the kit

Problem solved

The Raceboard Class has two Demo Starboard Phantom boards available for you to try. The boards will be available at all inland and cup events although you will need to book them in advance. The class may also be able to arrange rigs by prior arrangement.

Our thanks to Dave Hackford at Starboard/ Tushingham for the loan of the kit

Download the Starboard Phantom demo boards document to see if a board is available then mail your request to racing-09@ukwindsurfing.com