RYA 2011 BIC Techno International Policy update

15 March 2011

I am aware that there has been a lot of discussion, and subsequent confusion regarding how the BIC Techno Internationals in 2011 will be approached.  The RYA are quite clear that an individual sailors priority should be to focus on getting the right experiences for them to have the best possible chance of progressing into the Youth programme and achieving success.

 In many cases this may be best achieved by not attending the World/European Championships and focussing on other more appropriate and local events/training for the individual.

 Due to the nature of the 2011 BIC Techno International events and the logistical difficulties that come with accessing both of the venues, the RYA Selectors have taken the decision to support the events in the format as laid out in the document below:

2011-2012 RYA Techno NJS Notice of Selection a copy of this document can also be found in Information/squad info.