Sail Numbers - The Results

6 March 2011

The following sailors have been successful in applying for a UKWA one or two digit sail number.

As with all sail numbers once your membership expires the number returns without refund to the UKWA. At this time you must remove any numbers from your sails. After a period of three months with no renewal of your membership, any number may be re-issued to another sailor who then has sole use of it.

Full payment of the agreed fee must be received by post at the UKWA office or on line by following the link below by midnight on Sunday 27th March after which the payment facility will be closed and any unpaid numbers will be re issued.


One digit £100

Two digit £50

  • GBR 7 Elliot Carney
  • GBR 17 Connor Bainbridge
  • GBR 20 Max Rowe
  • GBR 21 Jamie Ingram
  • GBR 49 Joe Bennett
  • GBR 62 Adam Purcell
  • GBR 67 Simon Pettifer
  • GBR 71 Claudia Carney
  • GBR 72 Adam Sims
  • GBR 91 James Briggs
  • GBR 95 Connor Wells
  • GBR 98 Chris Bond

Please note that your existing number will be re issued to new members; therefore please make the transition as quickly as possible to avoid any duplication of numbers at events.