Bridlington Formula report

28 June 2013

For the third edition of the cup series the fleet found itself in Bridlington where, as usual, the welcome was very warm. The local council really look after us at this event and it’s most appreciated.

Bridlington beach

Saturdays racing proved very challenging with the wind blowing 12 knots but gusting as high as 28. In addition to this the seas state was a nightmare with steep chop spaced very closely together. This coupled with the gusty wind, saw a few offs that had a significant bearing on the results.  4 races took place with Chris Bond winning the first 2, Dave Coles the third and the jubilant Jason Clarke taking the last. 

On Sunday the wind switched off shore offering flatter racing conditions but still the gusty wind. Only 2 races took place due to thunder storms. The first race proved a little embarrassing for the fleet. Bond crossed the finish line some way ahead but horror came to his face as when he looked across at the committee boat, he saw that he had missed the fact that the number of laps had been changed from 2 to 3……..however luckily for him so did the rest of fleet as they all followed sheep like over the line. The race officer had no option but to disqualify the entire fleet! The last race of the event was won by Bond (in spite of being crashed into by a certain Mr Gibson) closely followed by Jason Clarke. Results were as follows and for the first time in many a year did not feature Dolpin Dave Coles in the top 3…..I’m sure he’ll come back with vengeance:

  1. Chris Bond (Gaastra/Tabou, Point-7, Z-Fins)
  2. Tim Gibson (Gaastra/Tabou, North, Z-Fins)
  3. Jason Clarke (Starboard, Severne and a very blue wetsuit)

1st  National 11 – Adrian Wallis (Gaastra/Tabou)

2nd National 11 – James Battye (Starboard, Point-7)