Sail numbers announced

3 April 2013

The following sailors have successfully applied for a two digit sail number to be allocated to them. You are reminded of the terms and conditions in the previous article.

Payment should be made for the sum of £50 via or by cheque to the UKWA Admin office

The offer will remain open until 30th April after which if no payment is made the number will be re allocated

Note: Sail number 12 was withdrawn as the previous user re-joined the association (welcome back)

Samuel Farrington-Hunt - GBR 23

George Fulton - GBR 80

Adrian Wallis - GBR 28

Jack Bassett - GBR 81

David Curry - GBR 36

Tom Wade - GBR 13

Lee Marrs - GBR 54

Greg Baldock - GBR 65