Windsurfer of the Year Vote

16 December 2014

The voting for the UK windsurfer of the year is almost over. The 30th of December is almost upon us and the nominees still need your votes if they want to win.

Its still very close so if you haven’t voted yet now is your chance. Go to to cast your vote.

Here is what previous winners of this prestigious award have to say and who they are voting for.

Farrel Oshea: Current UKWA Windsurfer of the year

Winning UKWA windsurfer of the year was quite a interesting experience for me. As most people that know me will tell you, I am not known for shouting about my results right. So, to have been voted by the windsurfing public for my speed sailing achievements was quite unexpected, but now I have won it I don’t want to give it back.

I hope my year has inspired a few more young people into our sport as they are our future. Who am I going to be voting for? Its got to be Ben Profit and not just because we sponsor him but because I think he deserves it for all he has brought to the wave sailing table in the UK and winning the Indoor Slalom in Poland shows what a great all-rounder he is.

Zara Davis: WOTY Winner in 2011

I was very honoured to have been nominated for Windsurfer of the year. To then be crowned the winner was amazing, it is made extra special because the public votes you in to that position. I think this award is great because it recognises all the discipline’s of our fantastic sport and heightens windsurfing’s profile to the general public.

Who I will be voting for is tough, as my Simmer team mate Ben is up for it also, but he will get loads of support. So I will be voting for James Dinsmore as I know he wont be pushing himself. He is such a nice bloke and a great ambassador for Slalom and windsurfing overall.

Izzy Hamilton: WOTY winner 2010

RSX racing involves a lot of training and hard work and you don’t get to meet many other windsurfers so It was an amazing award to win as it is voted by your fellow windsurfers and gave me the feeling that everyone was supporting my journey.

I will be voting for Emma Wilson, because she has had an awesome worlds result and is a great ambassador for our sport.

The nominees for 2014.