Feedback Cup 1 Weymouth

9 April 2017

UKWA Feedback Form Analysis:  7 April 2017

Weymouth 1-2 April 2017

Question: Resp Total: Average:
1 Admin/land team 5 5 5 3 15 5
2 Race team/cttee boat 4 n/a 4 2 8 4
3 Mark layers/course setup 5 n/a 3 2 8 4
4 Safety crew 5 5 5 3 15 5
5 Support boat 5 5 n/a 2 10 5
6 Coach boat crew 5 5 n/a 2 10 5
7 Call on safety crew? no no yes
8 Venue for sailing 5 3 4 3 12 4
9 Venue for camping 3 4 1 3 8 2.7
10 Venue Facilities 4 4 4 3 12 4
11 Courses sailed 4 n/a 4 2 8 4
12 Pre event info n/a 4 4 2 8 4
13 Event documentation 4 5 4 3 13 4.3
14 Entry system 5 5 5 3 15 5
15 How entered online online online 3 online 3/3
16 Good value for money 2 5 3 3 10 3.3
17 Use venue again? yes yes yes 3 yes 3/3

All averages are 4+ except for:

Venue for camping 2.7 

Comment from response rating it as 1: "Only really possible in a van."

Good value for money 3.3 

Comment from response rating it as 5: "I think prices could be raised if needed."


Apart from above, general satisfaction.

However see comments re letting foils race on same course as Techno/RS:X.

Also see comments re running races in less than perfect conditions.

Comments from Cup Event 1: Weymouth 1/2 April


From a parent:

This person said 5 for "Good Value for money"

I think the prices could be raised if needed.

Please do not let the foils race in the same course as Techno/RS:X in future. I have huge safety concerns about this with a large inexperienced fleet.


From a Raceboard participant:

Venue for camping:  rated 1 "It's only really possible in a van."

The event was very professionally run and managed. It was my first time at this venue and I found water access and space to be very good. Facilities at the Academy are good, although it’s clearly not a venue built with windsurfing in mind as there’s literally not a blade of grass in sight which isn’t great for rigging – I know that the event pages warned of this.

I had a couple of thoughts about the racing…

In circumstances such as those experienced at Portland this weekend – i.e light and offshore wind, please could the race officer consider use of the shorten course option to finish the final race of any series of races prior to heading back to the beach at the windward mark. Returning to the beach after the races was the toughest element of the weekend and more poignantly placed a considerable strain on the rescue craft, who ended up ferrying a lot of sailors (including me) back to the beach. A windward finish would have sped up the proceedings, not used up the safety boat capacity (and fuel) and given the crews more of a rest. Finishing on a beat occasionally may also add a tactical element for some.

When the wind is shifting around a lot as it was for the aborted final race on Sunday, I completely understand that the race officer faces a challenge in course setting. However it was frustrating to go out and not get another race in. Whilst admiring the efforts of the team to set the course in changing conditions, I detected, and shared, a feeling that the majority would have rather got on and raced on a less than perfect course, even with a lop-sided start line than see racing abandoned. I know that it’s a difficult call, but in the end we are there to race and if the wind is shifty it adds another element, particularly in light winds, and the winner will be the sailor who best deals with that – something that is particularly true when the start sequence is already underway.

My other suggestion, not related to the event specifically is to use surveymonkey for the was said at the agm that all membership etc is online now, so you have digital contact for all competitors. I think you will get far more feedback from an email link sent on the Monday morning than a paper form or a download. It's also far easier to extract the results!