Sail Numbers

19 June 2017

Are you using a sail number which does not belong to you?

The UKWA is the officially recognised distributer of sail numbers in the UK. The sail number which is allocated to you and displayed on your sails is the means by which you can be identified. It is fundamental to all the administration processes both of membership and competition.

This is important not just for competition but also for insurance purposes.

It has become increasingly noticeable that some competitors, many, who should know better are using sail numbers both nationally and at international events which clearly have not been issued to them by the association.

To be clear, these numbers are issued by the UKWA and competitors or members can’t just make up a number or borrow one from another competitor or member.

This is not just wrong but it is also offensive to those who are the official user of the sail numbers.

Of course we all understand if you have just purchased or borrowed a sail from your best friend and not yet had the opportunity to change the number, as a one off this is acceptable, but for those clearly flouting the rules, please stop and display your official number.

Members are reminded that any sail numbers issued are only valid whilst membership continues. Should membership lapse all numbers revert back to the UKWA and should be removed immidiatley. This avoids any confusion as lapsed members sail numbers will be re issued to new members by the UKWA.

All sail numbersrs remain the property of The UKWA 

Thank-you for your co-operation.

UKWA Committee.