Volunteers Needed

23 April 2018

Rutland Water 28/29 April

Inland National Championships Round 1

We are short of volunteers for the event at Rutland Water this weekend. We are looking for three volunteers to assist on the Committee boat on Saturday and Sunday. If you are available then you can choose to volunteer for one day or both days. If you need more details or can put your name forward please e-mail racing@ukwindsurfing.com or call or text 07889-161780

Bob Ingram UKWA Chairman said: The UKWA is a volunteer organization which runs events for the pleasure of its members. Without volunteers there can be no events for ourselves or our children to enjoy. If you can help, now or in the future the organization and its members will be most grateful, it is also true to say that most people when they do step up find it a most enjoyable experience.