Update NoR

16 July 2019

Course Racing

Compulsory amendment to UKWA Notice of Race dated 15 July 2019. EFFECTIVE NOW.

The UKWA’s highest priority is always the safety of its competitors. Therefore the race committee has made a compulsory addition to The Notice of Race under sub section 10 which effects all competitors.

The race committee draws your attention to an amendment to The UKWA NATIONAL & UKWA NATIONAL INLAND CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES NOTICE OF RACE 2019.

The Notice of Race can be viewed at www.ukwindsurfing.com go to the event page and on the right see NoR.

Please see Section 10, your attention is drawn to: 

10. Safety Regulations

10.1 Each competitor shall carry at all times a SOLAS approved whistle.

For your convenience SOLAS approved Whistles will be sold at all course racing events @ £2.95 available from the race office.

For your information; failure to comply will result in the following penalty.

  1. Failure to carry a Whistle will result in disqualification. 
  2. Carrying a Whistle which is not SOLAS approved 50% scoring penalty.