2021 Dates Upcoming

8 December 2020

After such a long and challenging year at last there is some good news upcoming from the United Kingdom Windsurfing Association (UKWA)

This coming weekend we will be publishing dates and venues for the 2021 Course Racing Championships.

This will include

6 Cup events - all at coastal locations

3 Inland events - including The National Championships and Champions Cup.

Make sure you are checking The UKWA website www.ukwindsurfing.com or follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

Be sure that your membership is up to date. Membership includes your Third-Party Insurance an absolute must in modern times, protecting you if the worst should happen. Remember your insurance expires the exact same day as your membership. We should all endeavour to stay safe in so many ways we may never have considered before.

Go to https://ukwindsurfing.com/membership/

May we take this opportunity to thank you all for your continued support throughout 2020 and be assured the UKWA Team can’t wait to see you all back on the water competing again in 2021.