Covid-19 Events Update 25th September

25 September 2020

A Covid-19 update for all UKWA members

The UKWA committee met this week online to discuss upcoming events.

Regrettably, the decision was taken to cancel the one remaining course race and two remaining slalom events.

It was felt that we were unlikely under the current UK Law to be able to proceed with the remaining season or reschedule any of the previously postponed events.

Much like other such Associations this has never happened before, and the committee shares your disappointment in not being able to deliver any events during 2020. On a couple of occasions, we felt close to being able to host an event but for any number of obvious reasons were unable to deliver.

The UKWA is still in a strong position to run events in 2021. The racing calendar is almost complete for next years Course Racing and Slalom events and we could not be more excited to get you racing again. It is clear that many sailors have continued to train during the summer months, and many have mastered the skills needed for foiling, so we are expecting some exciting racing next year.

We hope to publish the new calendar in the next couple of weeks and hope to have some special offers coming in 2021 to encourage you back to racing.

The UKWA committee would like to take the opportunity to thank all its members for their continued support. Finally remember to keep your membership up to date. Membership protects you in case of any accidents not only when racing but also whilst sailing recreationally.

We look forward to seeing you all in 2021, until then stay safe.

Your UKWA Committee.