Rutland Report

30 March 2023

75 Sailors enjoyed the first UKWA Cup event of 2023. Probably an earlier start to the season than in recent years, competitors awoke on Saturday to extremely gusty winds ranging from 20 to 36 knots. Whilst this meant limited racing for the Techno and Raceboard fleets, the Foils and Wingfoils took full advantage in some challenging conditions before the wind moderated enough for all fleets to race. After loosing an hours sleep due to the clocks going forward Sunday also saw plenty of wind but this time more stable 16 to 22 Knots which meant all fleets could enjoy a champagne racing day despite the bitter chill.

Techno Junior Fleet

The 5m and 5.8m sailors saw 5 races over the weekend and should be proud of the way they dealt with the conditions. Not everyone finished every race but there is no disgrace in that, they tried there very best and no one would ask more than that.

  1. 5m boy Dawson Rodgers
  2. 5m boy George Greenhalgh
  3. 5m boy Harry Bew
  1. 5m girl Ruby Webb
  1. 5.8m boy Jasper Malik
  2. 5.8m boy Johnnie Greenhalgh
  3. 5.8m boy Noah Goulden
  1. 5.8m girl Phoebe Gay
  2. 5.8m girl Willow Woolhouse

Techno Main Fleet

The fleet saw 22 entries across 6.8, 7.8 & Techno+, 5 races saw Oliver Cooper winning overall with 1st place in every race on his Techno+

  1. 6.8 boy Milo Shaw
  2. 6.8 boy George Ebdon
  3. 6.8 boy Oliver Ebdon
  1. 6.8 girl Sophie Clark
  2. 6.8 girl Rebecca Pilkington
  3. 6.8 girl Amelia Gay
  1. 7.8 boy Daniel Read
  2. 7.8 boy William Greenhalgh
  3. 7.8 boy Aarian Rexha
  1. 7.8 girl Evelyn Clark
  2. 7.8 girl Hannah Boothroyd
  3. 7.8 girl Lena Simon
  1. Techno+ boy Oliver Cooper
  1. Techno+ girl Charlotte Morrison

iQFOiL Junior

This was the first time we had seen a separate iQFOiL Junior fleet, just three entries but everything points towards this fleet growing in the near future

  1. iQFOiL Junior Beau Handley
  2. iQFOiL Junior Charlie Baker
  3. iQFOiL Junior Ned Bentley-Taylor

IQFOiL Main Fleet

The fleet put on an outstanding show in winds gusting above 35 knots on Saturday morning, 23 entries all youth with 8 races overall winner William Ziegler

  1. iQFOiL youth boy William Ziegler
  2. iQFOiL youth boy Tommy Millard
  3. iQFOiL youth boy Alexander Meadway
  1. iQFOiL youth girl Darcey Shaw
  2. iQFOiL youth girl Sophie Blaydes
  3. iQFOiL youth girl Olivia Robson
  1. Formula Foil Tony Handley
  2. Formula Foil Guy Spreckley
  3. Formula Foil Dave Coles



With a delayed start due to the strong winds and then a race being abandoned due to no wind there certainly was a variety of conditions for the raceboard fleet. Racing was dominated by overall winner Louis Morris. 9 Raceboard entries lower than normal with 5 races. 

  1. male Louis Morris
  2. male Lewis Barnes
  3. male Robert Kent
  1. Lady Annette Kent
  2. Lady Emily Kent

WingFoil Fleet

This was the first time wingfoil sailors have attended a UKWA course race event, they put on a great show with Rafferty Read returning from his International travels to win all but one of the races and finish 1st overall

  1. Junior Sullie Yelland
  1. Youth Finlay Chandler
  1. Senior Rafferty Read
  2. Senior Dennis Gordo
  3. Senior Keith Bowyer

Full results are here

Series results are here

Your Volunteer Team

Safety Boat- James Palin, Simon Moore, Alastair Morgans, Nigel Morrison, Edd Pilkington, James MacGregor

Race Officer- Tessa Ingram

Committee boat Crew- Maggie Coles, Mark Ebdon, Jenny Read, Simon Goulden, Lynn Bew, Rochene Simon, Lineke Simon

Admin- Sue Ingram, Brian Tilbury, Ann Tilbury, Yvonne Bryan, Assisting Rod Davies, Janet Davies

Scorer- John Eskdale - Trainee scorer Jill Cooper

Buoymaster- Martin Cooper

Your Coaches

Head Coach & iQFOiL - Ali Masters

Techno - Cameron Coghill

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