Aberdovey - JP/Pryde Slalom Series round 3

18 June 2008

Its the Aberdovey slalom event this weekend. following the success of Minster the tour heads off to yet another new destination where we are being hosted and looked after by Boardwise and the team!

Aberdovey is an ideal location, very pretty and lovely place to visit for a quick holiday weekend. The sailing is fantastic with wind pretty much gauranteed due to the mountains and vally's that lead down the estuary to the sandy beach at Aberdovey. There is just as much to do ashore as there is on the water, with families able to enjoy a huge sandy beach, shops, cafe's, restaurants and crabbing off the pier all within a pleasant walks distance. This truely is a great family get away for spouses and youngsters alike!

Boardwise have organised an evenings entertainment on saturday and plenty of demo and light wind kit for the weekend also. As i type this now teh wind forcast for teh weekend is building all teh time, this coupled with the thermal and channeling effects of the vally/mountains, combined further with tide, means your always pretty much certain to get windsurfing in Aberdovey.

Its a very scenic trip and not as long as you would initially think (closest sea to birmingham for example!). get away from it all and come sailing. Loads of prizes, loads going on and like minster you'd be mad to miss out.

Full event info.