Local Slalom Rules

Some simple rules to prevent collisions at the local slalom:

Avoid a collision if at all possible, even if another sailor is to blame!

Opposing Sailing Directions or Tacks

  • Starboard tack (right hand forward) has right of way over Port.  In general, Starboard sailor should hold their line while Port sailor passes downwind.

Same Sailing Directions or Tacks

  • Overtaking board must stay clear.
  • With overlap, upwind board should not bear off on a downwind (leeward) board.
  • Downwind board should not violently luff up into wind, to prevent being overtaken by upwind board.  Luffing that is easy to react to and is gradual is OK.

At Gybe Marks

  • With overlap, on approach to mark, outside (windward) board must allow enough water for inside (leeward) board to perform a gybe.
  • With overlap, outside board must not initiate carve gybe until inside board has started their gybe.
  • A board arriving at the mark after another board, should not interfere with the board that was at the mark first. (Exceptions obviously apply if first sailor falls off, leaving 2nd sailor with no time to react!)
  • If in doubt about your ability to gybe inside another sailor safely at a buoy please gybe around the outside.

And finally: All competitors have a duty to stop racing and assist any fellow competitor who due to kit failure, injury or other unknown circumstance may require assistance.


For two boards going in the same direction, draw a line across the back of the foremost board, and if the second board overlaps that line, it overlaps.
Steer towards the wind