Hayling Slalom

Hayling slalom is a group of sailors who participate in informal slalom racing around Hayling Island. It offers a fantastic way to improve your windsurfing as well as meet other sailors. For 2018 there will be racing on Wednesday evenings when conditions allow during British summertime. As we have quite a few members coming from a bit further east this season we will hold some sessions in that direction e.g. Goring.

Lining up for an evening beach start

Taking part

To take part, all you need to do is join the email group and join the UKWA. All participants must be members of the UKWA so that the participants, the organisers and the group itself are all insured. Unfortunately, alternative 3rd party insurance policies are not sufficient. We do require all sailors to be paid-up members of the UKWA so that all sailors and organisers are indemnified. Please respect this.


This is the format we plan to hold slalom sessions under:

  • Planing conditions.
  • Focus on fun, not winning! Frequent use of handicap starts.
  • We are above all keen to encourage participation. Races will be a mixture of out-and-back masterblasters, downwind and figure-of-eight slalom.
  • Venue will in most cases be Hayling seafront but if conditions are more suitable elsewhere on the island then the venue will change accordingly.
  • For 2018 our designated racing evenings will be Wednesdays starting from April 18th. We will run if the conditions are suitable. Start time to be decided by the coordinator but we will usually start between 5pm and 6pm. People can take part in as many races as they want and you can join in whenever you want if you arrive late. 
  • Venue, start time and racing format for each session will be decided by a single varying co-ordinator who will send out an email in the preceding few days to confirm whether or not racing will happen. Typically we will send one email 48-72hrs before and then a further confirmation the night before if required. 
  • The nature of our sport is that the wind doesn’t come to order and if there are good opportunities to race at weekends or on other evenings AND there is an available organiser to run a session then we will make a spontaneous call to race in the preceding 24-48 hours. Several of our best sessions have been like this in recent seasons.
  • Follow some simple slalom rules to prevent collisions.
  • The curent coordinators are James Dinsmore and Leigh Kingaby. 

The hayling slalom guys last year.

The group is purely intended to be used to notify subscribers of forthcoming arrangements and to promote slalom in windsurfing.

Facebook group: here (and don't forget to join the email group for the notifications).