Slalom List email terms

The email groups hosted by the UKWA are aimed at windsurfers who want to take part in slalom racing in the local area.

The intention is to go slalom racing on one evening a week (depending on daylight) or at the weekends when there is wind forecast – the format and venue will vary depending on conditions.

It is a requirement that you are a member of the UKWA to ensure that both participants and race organisers have adequate liability insurance.

Please note that safety cover will not be provided.

By subscribing to this email group you acknowledge that that windsurfing and participating in any activities organised by this email group carry certain risks of death and personal injury and understand that the decision whether to participate or to continue to participate is yours alone, and declare that in no circumstances will the organisers of these activities be held responsible for any loss, damage, death or personal injury, however caused, or any loss or damage to any equipment, howsoever caused.

Please restrict your emails to organisational issues. If you want to advertise kit can you please do it via the UKWA forum.