Welsh Hi-ho

11 May 2005


August bank holiday which is 27th, 28th and 29th


Dale, near Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire. (thats wales!)


The guys about to try surfing, getting a little friendly instruction from Chris... Its a weekend of everything you want really, as dale is on a peninsula the location has both flat enclosed safe water good for formula, raceboard and slalom (and also learners and improvers who can benefit from being in their own depth), as well as a surf beach for surfing and body boarding just a ten minute walk away. The weekend is will run as part of the "Dale Weekend" which includes cruiser and yacht racing, open dinghy fleet racing (inc 49ers so good formula challenge!) and pembrokeshire long boat racing. Sailors will be able to choose what they'd like to do depending on how the mood and weather forcast takes them! There are numerous surf beaches within a short drive all facing in different directions depending on wind or swell for wave sailing, surfing or body boarding. the bay and waterway offers great formula and slalom sailing as well as a bit of yachting as mine and a few other boats will be on hand to use (crew is always needed for the offshore racing too for those feeling advebterous and looking for a once in lifetime chance!). The evening's are ours to once again choose from beach party with barbeque, volleyball, fishing (off the rocks, good bass, pollock or mackerel) or just chilling. Saturday is the day of the big event party with live music, disco! Outside catering including big bar and barbeque. A big favourite last year was cliff jumping which we'll once again be heading off to, the climb is tricky but once on the natural stone arch you can choose the hieght at which you want to jump from just a couple of feet to close on 40 odd!!

Beach picnic. The whole idea is to come and relax, there are no prizes, only fun racing, no clocks, no timetables and no plans-just alot of options and things for you to do-if you choose!

The time scale of your trip is also up to you. if you'd like to come down for a week (or two or three) to fit in with school holidays and stuff like that then that can be arranged, due to the location and its remoteness some people might find it a long way just for the weekend (though it is only 2 hours from cardiff) so feel free to stay as long as you like.

How much for all this awesomeness?

At the moment its all free! If there is to be any charge there might be a slight charge for camping and any fuel used by the rib's we might borrow! Though at the moment I'm told its free by the organising committee.

How do i book my place?

You jump, no, you jump Booking is not essential, but obviously logistics in such an area (remote and small) must be considered! I need to arrange extra rubbish bin's, extra parking, equipment storage, food provision in the shops, transport away from site, council arrangements and stuff like that. Therefore an idea of numbers is required and your name needs to go on a list! To get your name on this list e mail me on daleweekend@rya-online.net or lewisboy@rya-online.net or give me a call on 07976 782685.

Is it any good?

If you don't want to ask me because i'm biased! then ask the 04 dale weekend veterans:
Krafty (and family!), Oz Donna and Matthew, Keith Atkinson, Greg King, Xavier, Lucy Horwood, Nick Deverell, Sam Bromley (and Jo), jilly Bromley, Dave Johnston (and Family!), Neil and Sarah Ellison.