60 MPs slam BA ban......

30 December 2007

Almost 60 MPs have signed an early day motion in the House of Commons urging British Airways to change its decision to ban surfboards on flights.

The national carrier introduced a new baggage policy this month whereby passengers were not allowed to bring surfboards on flights, even for an extra charge, because of the "large size and handling complexities" involved.

This policy will especially affect those travelling on BA's newly re-opened Gatwick to Newquay route, and has prompted an angry response from the surfing community.

Now the group of MPs wants the airline to reconsider the new policy, which also extends to a ban on windsurf boards and canoes.

It will "vastly increase the costs and difficulties" of surfers travelling abroad, said shadow home secretary David Davies, who put forward the motion.

British Airways, however, has said that it will stick by its decision.

No time for slacking . if youhave not written to your MP - do so now!