UK Ditch Project uncovered!!

8 January 2007

Dan Ellis sails the ditch. On a dark winters day in deepest Somerset (UK) windsurfers Kevin Greenslade and Dan Ellis discovered a piece of water that will have the French shaking in there boots.

Finding the perfect speed strip in notoriously hard and you really have to go that extra mile, but it looks like the UK could have something special. At the moment this precise location is being kept secret but here are some pictures to wet your appetite.

"It's not very often that I get this excited driving away from the coast, especially with a good forecast for some classic sailing at Overcoombe. But Kev and I have been waiting for a good south westerly to try out this spot. Prior to this outing Kev is the only person ever to have sailed the Ditch but that was over 10 years ago and he had almost forgotten about it, I'm pretty glad he didn't." Dan Ellis

This was just a trial run and the boy's didn't get a huge amount of wind but saw enough to know that next time there's a SW gale (and a little flood water!) this spot will produce some of the highest speed seen on UK shore's, well fields to be precise.

For a complete story of the day and more interesting pictures check out or if you have a clue to were the spot is let us know via the forum!!