Nigel Treacy retires as BWA Tour Director

13 November 2014

Report by Geoff Hautman.

Nigel TreacyNigel Treacy, announced his retirement from the role of Tour Director at the start of the year. After five years of dedicated service Nigel hands the Director’s role to Geoff Hautman (me!) but has agreed to remain as BWA Chairman. A two-times former Masters UK Champion himself we may yet see him return to compete at future events for that elusive third title.

The more I get involved the more I appreciated the vast amount of his own time and effort that Nigel has put into the BWA. The energy, inspiration and professionalism he has brought to the BWA is priceless. I for one am very grateful that he has agreed to stay on as Chairman.  I have learnt much from him, more than I expected in fact, and am relieved that I will still have his experience to call on.

I asked Nigel some questions about his time as Tour Director:

Geoff: Are you sad to leave?

Nigel: Of course. It has been a rollercoaster ride for me but I am incredibly proud of what the team has achieved. In 2009 the tour was very much under threat. We worked hard with the support of the industry pool to put British wavesailing competition back on the map. We have rebuilt the judging teams, engaged with local communities but most importantly built a competition format that is of the very highest standard. We have a close relationship with PWA and AWT and it warms my heart to hear how well respected the British tour is around the world.

Geoff: What is your proudest achievement?

Nigel: In 2009 with a falling global economy and diminishing support from government grants our aim was to simply survive the next five years. We consistently grown participation numbers with 1,133 entries, sent more UK talent to World events and continued to gain world exposure through all media including broadcasting events through 28 TV Networks to 137countries.

Geoff: Final thoughts?

Nigel: A mate once told me “never do anyone a favour free…they will only criticise you for it” He was so right. The role is voluntary and has come at great personal sacrifice. I am very much looking forward to actually windsurfing for myself on my future annual leave.

But I wouldn’t change all the friends I have made along the way and am immensely proud that I leave the tour in great shape for the future.