AGM 2017 - Minutes

1 April 2017

Held at WPNSA, Weymouth on 1st April 2017

23 people signed the attendance sheet, representing 28 membership votes.

Welcome and thanks to all for attending from Bob Ingram – meeting opened 19.45

Committee Apologies: James Palin, Rodney Davis, Alastair Campbell, Peter Davis, Nigel Treacy

1. Approval of theMinutes of the previous AGM:

The AGM Minutes from 2016 were Approved and signed.
Proposed: John Pete Seconded: Ken Proffitt.
Floor Vote: Approved - None against, no abstentions.
Copy signed for filing.

Matters arising from the Previous Minutes (not covered in the Agenda Items)

Chairman’s Report (Bob Ingram):







4. Finance Reportandto receive the Financial Statements and Accounts for the year to 31 December 2016 – Paul Robinson


The accounts for 2016 are presented for membership approval



PROPOSED that the 2016 Accounts are agreed and signed by the Directors: Rob Kent
SECONDED: Mike Dempsey
FLOOR: All in favour, none against, no abstentions.

2 copies signed for forwarding to Thomas Westcott/Companies House; plus one for filing

5. Resources Report – by Paul Robinson in absence of James Palin, Director of Resources

There was a urgent need for more volunteers both to tow and crew the ribs but also to assist with the launching and recovery of the boats.

6. Election of Directors

The following elected Directors have all stood down and agreed to stand for 2016:

Chairman: Bob Ingram
Finance: Paul Robinson
Administration: Brian Tilbury
Communication: Alastair Campbell
Marketing and Publicity: Rod Davis
Resources: James Palin



Proposed …Kevin Proffitt
Seconded … Tom Naylor
Vote - All in favour, none against, no abstentions.

Existing Committee’s - Co-opted Directors will be:
Head of Racing: Bob Ingram
Head of Slalom: Bob Ingram (to be replaced asap)
Head of Speed: Pete Davis
Head of Freestyle: Situation Vacant
Head of Wave: Nigel Treacy

Possibility of additional nominated Director to understudy Head of Racing and Administration and be able to step up in case of emergency interested parties to advise

7. AOB of the Association

Bob advised that he has been in communication with IWA ( Ceri Williams) regarding the current progress and potential classes and whilst it is very early days the situation is being kept under a close review. There was consideration being given to a demonstration at the last Slalom event of the year ( James Dinsmore) and this may develop through the year into a separate foil racing class. RSX foiling is also on the cards possibly racing with the formula class. Sam Ross is also a good point of contact.

So whilst the pathway is unclear so far the UKWA is keeping abreast of any new developments.

Thanks to the Chairman was expressed by the Floor

Meeting Closed: 20.35 pm
Many thanks to all those who attended


Continued after the close of the AGM 2017, Start: 20.45

Sue Ingram - Can the veteran title be changed to Grand master as complaints have been received from some older slalom sailors now falling into that category. A long discussion resulted. Some proposals included master, grandmaster and great grandmaster. There are numerous discrepancies with age and titles with the international classes. Changes would also need to actioned on the paper and online entry system

There was the possibility of just changing for slalom but this would likely cause severe confusion and difficulty for the online entry system. Chairman to consider and advise any changes.

Colin MaCann- Re convertible RSX class - it is not currently possible to get comprehensive insurance but 3rd party is ok, any thoughts? . The UKWA policy insures 3rd party for any board including sups but comprehensive insurance is down to individuals.

Connor Bainbridge -, foiling no more dangerous than a normal board and the perception that it is is incorrect in his view. By having a foiling event, this could attract French entrants who are keen to progress this style. Safety rescue of splitting board and rig should work well. Foils becoming more available and as time progresses second hand market created.

Ali Masters – currently about 10 foils in Weymouth and a further 5 on order. Majority of sailors would transfer from other fleets but could also attract others. Agreed that first event 2018 or last event 2017 would be feasible for a fleet.

Mark Kay – Courses are very predictable and a variation with reaching legs would make racing more challenging and interesting, notwithstanding the issues of timing and resources to make this happen.

Connor Bainbridge - Stated that if courses do not comply to the international standards then the RYA will not support the UKWA events for selection process.

Colin MaCann – A slalom section in a racecourse could mimic the end section of the RSX courses if it is not possible to link in at the end.

Paul Robinson - The UKWA is a organisation supporting competitive racing for all sailors. Only some are seeking RYA support selection for international events.

Bob Ingram – Courses at Weymouth are now unable to race out of one harbour entrance and back through another

Ali Masters – Techno international courses include a long distance race so course variation is applicable to this fleet’s international aspirations.

Fleet representatives to advise their class wishes for alternative courses and these will considered by the Executive for inclusion in the Sis.

Connor Bainbridge – There are no RSX or Techno sailors at the AGM and their views should be considered. Rob Kent offered to attend their briefing meeting to seek views.

Meeting closed 21.30