Boards Subscriptions

29 November 2011

Boards LogoFor UKWA members with a standing order that includes a Boards magazine subscription: Boards are changing their publication schedule, increasing the online-presence and moving to a twice a year magazine:

Boards magazine will be restructured into a high quality 'reference' publication with two scheduled releases per year....Subscribers of Boards magazine, will receive a letter with issue 280 explaining what this will mean to them fully. 

If you are happy with the change there is nothing to do. If you do not wish to re-subscribe, please contact you bank and adjust the payment amount (Family: £58, Individual £43 and Youth £28). 

Unfortunately this change came as a surprise to us, and from what I understand the Boards editorial team as well, so it hasn't left a lot of time for changes. If you have a problem with the standing order / membership side of things please let us know, we can refund suscriptions, but it is quicker to adjust with the bank.