Formula Report-Derwent

17 May 2011

Derwent  Resevoir – Formula Report

Derwent Resevoir has delivered in the past and it certainly delivered for this year’s visit, in spite a moderate forecast. Competitors were awoken on day one to a 25 knot wind but this did not stop the rigging of the big toys – rig for the lulls was the word on the street. However by the time briefing neared; these brave statements were being ignored for the 9m and 10m options as gusts hit the 30 knot mark! A windward leeward course was set and most of the fleet ventured out to brave the elements. However, only 4 completed the 1st race and 3 the 2nd as the wind increased further. Race one was a close affair with Chris Bond leading for the most part much to the disbelief of rest of the fleet! However he was not to see glory as a collision with Tim Gibson left him unable to aim for the finish line – he came close though....very close....but collided with the finish boy and ending up in a heap the wrong side of it. This paved the way for Dave Coles who had been lying in 3rd to steal the show but the shock of seeing both competitors in front of him take the plunge was too much and he too decided the need to re-hydrate. Mr Gibson was the first to recover followed by Dave, Chris and Nick Icke not too far behind. Race 2 was a 2 man race as Mr Bond had issues on shore and was a late starter. The race was therefore between Dave Coles and Tim Gibson who battled it out with Dave taking the honours. That was it for day one as competitors swapped their kit for short boards to enjoy the very strong winds.

Day 2 – Anyone hoping for some light wind relief on Sunday was left disappointed as a 20 knot wind was blowing strong – no rest for the wicked! In fact a total of 7 races took place! Was this due to race officer Bob Ingram thinking we needed the extra exercise?? A big thanks must go out to Bob who sacrificed racing himself to take on this role. All 7 races were very closely contested with places constantly changing as can be seen from the results. To describe in detail would involve a report of Titanic proportion so here’s some of the highlights

Race 3 – Nick Icke showed his new full potential by winning his first race and should have been awarded an additional prize for his celebrating back flip!

Race 4 – Tim Gibson took the honours with Mr Icke in 2nd and flying up the ranks. Where was Dave?? Sail problems meant he was struggling!

Race 5 – Back came Dave to win the next race on a 12m!!!! How was he holding on to that?? He didn’t need the wind to build........but it did!

Race 6 - Bond wins! Just to prove that race 1 was no fluke and that he could hold his nerve at the end...........

Race 7 – Forget that last comment! Chris Bond led from the start and fell in on the final gybe just meters from the finish line. Tim Gibson powered through and was now taking a grip on overall proceedings.

Race 8 – This had supposed to be the last race of the day but the day was still young. Dave Coles took this one just ahead of Tim to set up a last race decider; a winner takes all between himself and Tim.

Race 9 – Only 4 made it to the start line for this one – fatigue had taken its toll. Chris Bond took the lead being first to the windward mark but was later passed by both involved in the battle for the overall glory. Dave Coles prevailed and just stole the overall lead off Tim in the process – phew!!

Overall the weekend was a huge success with close, competitive racing between the entire fleet. A special mention needs to go out to both Simon Jam and Dave Brown who both sailed incredibly well notching up a number of 4ths between them. Roll on Minnis Bay!!!

Overall result

1st Dave Coles

2nd Tim Gibson

3rd Chris Bond