Formula Youth and Masters World Championships

11 September 2011

By Chris Bond

Dave ColesYet another fantastic international Formula event!! This year the World Youth and Masters Formula event took place in Skive, Denmark. Once again the event was excellently attended with 56 masters and 42 youths - this makes me wonder how come the UK circuit is dwindling in numbers whilst it seems so popular on the continent?

The UK had 3 competitors: Chris Bond (K.A Sails, JP), Dave Coles (Severne, Starboard) and James Briggs (Point 7, Starboard) all taking part in the Masters fleet.....Old boy Coles being part of the Grand Masters. Over the week, we managed 12 races in what can only be described as the full range of conditions. Day 1 defied the forecasts blowing 30 knots plus which punished most sailors who had nominated 10m sails as their smallest due to the 20 knot forecast. Dave Coles however relished the conditions and was in 11th place after day one and 2nd overall in the Grand Masters! As the week progressed the wind decreased steadily (thank god) and the racing offered conditions to suit all competitors. 

The whole event was professionally organised with fantastic racing on the water and off the water lunches were provided along with 3 evening meals which made the entry fee an absolute bargain.

As far as the results went, James Briggs - 19th achieved the best for the UK followed by Dave Coles - 23rd and then Mr Bond - 33rd. Full results and photos can be found on 

The popularity of Formula abroad, amongst all age ranges, leads me to believe that we are missing out some what in the UK. Abroad Formula seems to be the most popular fleet for racing - so why does it seem to be ignored the UK and what is the solution? An intention from a group of Formula sailors is to push the class in the UK making kit available to newcomers - especially the techno sailors so watch this space and lets get more on the water!!

Chris Bond Skive, Denmark