UKWA Sail numbers

19 March 2013

The UKWA has 8 two digit sail numbers available to its members:

The UKWA intends to issue these numbers to deserving members at a small charge of £50. These numbers are non transferable, therefore you are not entitled to sell them on, sail numbers remain the property of the UKWA at all times.

Once issued, you will be entitled to use the number whilst you continue to be a member of the UKWA.

As with all sail numbers, once your membership expires the number returns without refund to the UKWA. At this time you must remove any numbers from your sails.  After a period of three months with no renewal of your membership, any number may be re-issued to another sailor who has sole use of it.

Whilst all members are entitled to apply for these numbers, priority will be given to those sailors who regularly compete on the National and International stage right across the disciplines. A UKWA sub-committee will decide who receives the numbers and its decision will be final.

A list of successful applicants will be published and once the fee is paid to the UKWA admin office you will be entitled to use the issued number whilst your membership continues. Any numbers not claimed within two weeks of the list being published will be re-issued.

Applications have closed, a list of successful sailors will be published soon.