Masterblaster fleet at Racing events

31 March 2014

For the 2014 season the challenge set is that UKWA is to run a masterblaster series at the course racing cup events similar to the slalom series, so if you are interested read on!

Who’s it for?

If you are a keen racer who likes to sail way out to sea, fight for a place on the start line, stay out for hours doing back to back races this is not for you. It’s time for you to sail away!

If you are a younger or older/ancient sailor, parent who likes to get on a board and sail when the suns out, granddad or grandma who might sail and would still like to be on the beach in a rubber suit this is your chance.

Are you a member who has not attended an event for some time, ( there are a lot of you out there) get your old or new kit out and come and join some of this years events, enter the masterblaster, have some fun sailing, meet some old friends and make some new ones, and be allowed to camp and park right next to the beach at some of our best sailing spots.

Anyone who wants to have a go!! The people who do it at the moment LOVE IT!!!

Our Aims
To get more people on the water and have some fun sailing all in the company of people as daft as you.
Sailing standard is
Be able to sail out from the beach, tack or gybe a mark and return to your starting place.
Kit Required
Anything, if you have got it you can use it!!!
The course
Sail out from the beach tack or gybe a mark and return to your starting place. In planning conditions a second mark may be placed and a figure of eight course used. There will be many variations of the course depending on the conditions and the mood of the old chap running this from the beach.
None, other than the normal safety ones when on the water, and the ones made up for the day by the old chap on the beach.
Anyone who wants to have some splashy super surfing fun. Non U.K.W.A. members pay extra for the insurance. See the entry form for all the details. (Note; there will be a minimum entry of 6 sailors for the fleet to sail- easier to push them over - hehehe!)
If you have entered this fleet you will not be doing it for a prize. However if the fleet is well supported there may be some, so get entering! To enhance your chances you could try supplying the old chap on the beach with hot cuppa coffee or a pint in the bar later on.

Please help make this fleet a success, because if the minimum entry is not reached the old chap on the beach will have to go out on that big race course, and his bladder will not last for long back to back races!!!!!!


The old chap on the beach.

Master blaster finishers on the beach