Christchurch Cup 1

6 May 2016

Once again the UK Windsurfing Association would like to express its gratitude to Christchurch and East Dorset Council for their continuing support and their generous permission for us to continue to hold one of our premier events at Steamer Point.


Here follows a brief report of the event together with some photographs of our prizegiving ceremony'


Thanks to the kind permission of the Christchurch and East Dorset Council, the UK Windsurfing Association was once again able to hold one of the major events in the UK Championship Windsurfing Racing Series at Steamer Point over the weekend of Sat 30 April/Sun 1 May this year.

Almost 80 sailors took part from four different fleets, the youngsters on their Technos, the Olympic hopefuls on the RS:Xs and the Raceboard and Formula sailors. The event was also a Squad Selection Qualifier for the Techno and RS:X fleets which made the competition even more intense than usual.

Although there was a chill wind blowing, most of the weekend was unexpectedly sunny. The wind speed was generally a little more gentle than the forecast except for mid Saturday afternoon when a huge squall blowing 25 knots or more, accompanied by hail and sleet(!) came through and literally flattened a large slice of the fleets waiting to start their race.

Apart from this one episode the weekend's racing took place in almost ideal conditions in what is undoubtedly the UKWA sailors' favourite seaside venue and we look forward to a return visit to Christchurch in 2017.


Full results.